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AR17 caps


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You can't look at a cap and tell anything (unless it's a wet type and something is leaking out of it)

You need a cap tester and or a scope and or just use your ears, do the speakers sound correct to you? 

Yes, I see on this particular pair you don't have any outer compliance yet! ; - ) 

I personally would re-cap those as A. I by-pass all of my networks anyway so I'm already in there (as are you) and B. MOST manufacturers use the cheapest caps they can source (which means they seldom match well) and C. you can't hurt anything and if you did, it's 100% reversible  

Whether you can hear this or not is user dependent and everyone has their own priorities

I replace with know good parts, then I know what I have and I have also maximized box to box voicing at least in the capacitance department

And besides, in 2018, high quality capacitance is CHEAP!

Nice speakers by the way


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