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Hi everyone, i live in Holland and i try to collect vintage US made speakers.  It's not so easy because only Acoustic Research has been sold here. Anyway, i have bought this little KLH model 22  from Ebay for little as 20 dollars. I have replaced the cap, and re sealed the tweeter en woofer. The cloth woofer surrounds i have treated  with cloth sealer from Vintage-AR. When i listen to this single '22' i cant believe my ears. WOW!!! This little speaker has it all, beautiful crisp high's, sweet mids, and deep bass. Yes this little speaker has very beautiful deep bass. Not what i expected!! The bass is almost like the bass on a AR-4x. So i am searching for another "22" to make a pair.

Is there someone out there who's has a single "22" laying around and is willing to sell and ship this to Holland? 

Thank's in advance!!

Greetings Robby


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