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  1. Hi everyone, i live in Holland and i try to collect vintage US made speakers. It's not so easy because only Acoustic Research has been sold here. Anyway, i have bought this little KLH model 22 from Ebay for little as 20 dollars. I have replaced the cap, and re sealed the tweeter en woofer. The cloth woofer surrounds i have treated with cloth sealer from Vintage-AR. When i listen to this single '22' i cant believe my ears. WOW!!! This little speaker has it all, beautiful crisp high's, sweet mids, and deep bass. Yes this little speaker has very beautiful deep bass. Not what i expected!! The bass is almost like the bass on a AR-4x. So i am searching for another "22" to make a pair. Is there someone out there who's has a single "22" laying around and is willing to sell and ship this to Holland? Thank's in advance!! Greetings Robby
  2. Hi Rara, thank you for your reply. Yes i have searched Huw's site but the replacement 024 is 4.5 inch, and the woofer inside the Crimson's is 4 inch. I will contact Huw, and ask if this is the right replacement for me. I have email with Mr Burhoe and he says that the Crimson woofer is made by Burhoe Acoustic. He also mentioned that he worked on the wonderful AR 4 and that made while working at Epicure he was trying to made the AR 4 better. And there was the Epi 100. But my pride and joy are the beautiful american classic's, AR3a's!! And the former owner did a wonderful job refoaming this woofer...
  3. Hi Kent, yes here in holland we all speak english. Its our second language. Other than that, its a boring country. You have Disneyland, beautiful nature, moutains, american cars, yep iam a sucker for classic american cars too Do you think a KLH unit will do? Iam going to contact Carl. Thank you so much Kent. Greetings Robby and you have a wonderfull 2017!!! PS this is a picture of my latest score
  4. Hi Kent, Mr Burhoe has directed me also to Huw. But i have send him 3 or 4 emails regarding my Crimson woofer "problem" but he never returned my email. It's also a bit harder for me to find these little tiny woofers because i live in Holland. And here in the boring Netherlands, nobody has ever heard of Winslow Burhoe, EPI or Burhoe Acoustics. I've got a pair of EPI 100V speakers from Ebay, iam sure thats the only pair here in Holland. Man, do they sound sweet!! Iam a huge fan of classic american made speakers. AR, EPI.. Thanks Kent for your replay and tips! Greetings Robby
  5. Hi everyone, I've bought a nice pair Burhoe Acoustics Crimson of Ebay, and there very little info on these speakers on the WWW. The woofers are not original, so i am searching for those 4 inch original woofers sinds.. I even contacted Mr Burhoe himself, and the only info he can give me, is that the 4" inch woofers are Burhoe Acoustic , so the woofers from the Epicure Microtowers is not a good replacement, nor the CTS 4.5 inch, or BOSE 901 serie 1 and 2. So can anyone help me please?? Many thanks! Greetings Robby
  6. I don't know, mr Burhoe says that the woofers need room behind the grill. But i dont think that the woofers come out that far do they? I agree that the cabinet walls must be thick so that they don't viberate. Maybe mr Burhoe means that the baffles must be thick so they don't viberate
  7. Hi Carlspeak, about the relocation of the woofers, i tought i ask this to the master himself. After all, the Epi 100 are his babys. Mr Burhoe says: The cabinet walls need to be thick so that they don't bend or vibrate. The woofer needs room behind the grille cloth so that it doesn’t hit. Greetings Robby
  8. Robby1970

    EPI 100's

    Hi RaRa, i have, to be exact, 2 pairs AR2x, old en newer model, 2 pair AR4x's, 2 pair AR4xa's, an nice pair AR6, that comes close in overall sounding to the Epi 100, 2 pair AR7, and a pair AR8 wich is also very rare in Holland, a pair of KLH Model 32's, the AR12, very nice sounding speakers! And of course my wonderful Epi 100V's. The lowend on these fantastic speakers should people think there were dealing with 10" woofers instead of 8". Everyone who listen to them ask: what kind of brand is this? They sound wonderful! By the way, i did replace the capacitor on the AR4x with 6Uf not 10Uf. I checked it and your right! My mistake.. Greetings Robby and have a nice evening! ?
  9. Robby1970

    EPI 100's

    Hi Ra.Ra, yes your absolutly right, this is a AR4x. But when i bought them, there were Philips tweeters mounted in the baffles. The AR mid/high units i had them for spare for my AR2xes. So, its not original, but pretty close. Ive changed the tweeter cap wich was original 20Uf, to 10Uf and they sound even beter in high's than the original tweeter. Here are some other babys from my collection. Have a nice day en greetings Robby
  10. Robby1970

    EPI 100's

    Thank you very much RaRa, you Epi's look very nice!! Thats the 100M? I have collected very nice vintage US speakers over the years. Here are some pics.. iam searching for empty 100V cabinets, because i have 2 tweeters and 2 woofers as a spare. I want to make another nice pair with these parts, but i want the original Epi 100V cabinets. In fair condition is good enough for me. Maybe you can help me? Or other forummembers? Ive almost bought a pair of Ebay again, but the seller want $150?? for shipping only. He's out of his mind!! Thanks in advance Greetings Robby
  11. Robby1970

    EPI 100's

    Hi vintage speaker lovers! I live in Holland, and i absolutly love the Epi 100V's!! I have a pair that a bought from Ebay. Epi or Epicure was never sold here in Holland, so, i think that my 100V's are the only pair in Holland. When they arrived, the woofersfoam was gone, and the glue on both tweeters was cracked and both tweeters were laying inside the cabinets. I refoamed the woofers, and glued the tweeters with special glue kit from Patex. The sound is so real, so fresh! And the low's... Wow!! Deep tight bass, far better bass than the AR4x. These are keepers and never leave my house!! Greetings Robby
  12. Hi, how can i delete a wanting ad? Greetings Robby
  13. Hi, iam looking for empty EPI 100v cabinets. The woofers and tweeters i dont need, only the cabinets. I have the original tweets and woofs! ? They must come with the original terminals/ xo, and fronts please. And you must be willing to ship these to Holland. Many thanks!
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