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AR-2a thoughts ( again )


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I’m having a bit of puzzlement about the AR-2a crossover.

The info shows that this is supposed to be a 2000 hz crossover.

The scheme I have found also say that the woofer inductor is 1.18 mh.

The woofer is supposed to be 8 ohm.

It’s a first order crossover, so shouldn’t the crossover point be nominally 1200 or so hz?

Also, if the cap for the mid crossover point is 6 uf and the 16 ohm pot is nominal at 8 ohm, what should the mid speaker impedance seen by the amplifier at the active frequencies be? 

Does anyone know what the midrange pair’s nominal impedance was really supposed to be?

I’m sure this has been discussed many times before, but my searching doesn’t yield a good answer.




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