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I have a pair of KLH speakers I bought near 1990-91 that are tower speakers with 2 10" woofers in each one. The model number is P12T. I've looked through the KLH history and I haven't found anything about them. They have always been great speakers and still work to this day. Does anyone have any information on them. Everywhere I'm looking all KLH speakers have simple numbers to designate them and look nothing like P12T.

I appreciate it,


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The focus here tends to be on KLH products made through the mid to late 70s. There
are specific later models that have been mentioned in various forums, but I think there
are a couple of factors at work. Whatever sales share KLH had in its early days apparently
diminished a lot in later years. There just weren't as many systems sold. In addition, it's
basically impossible to determine what those later models were, much less establish a
chronology. The catalog retailers like Allied, Radio Shack, etc stopped selling KLH stuff
by the early 70s, so there's no comprehensive listing that I've seen. 

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