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Dynaco A-25 Cabinets - Tackling Water Marks Ideas


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I recently was able to get a pair of A-25s that sonically sound terrific and the grill cloth is very good but the cabinets need some help and the top of one in particular has some water spotting and rings.  The other sides have various scratching but thankfully nothing to deep and no chunks missing.  I have not tackled a speaker cabinet before and would appreciate any ideas on the water and rings in particular.   Thanks. 





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Ended up trying the Howard's Restor-A-Finish walnut (medium brown)  Debated going with neutral so that scratches would not pop as much but the walnut is better for other vintage gear as well.  It did a great job in taking care of the water marks and rings.  The top in the picture is the left hand one in the top picture.  I read up enough to know it will only color in scratches but that is ok, the finish looks very presentable now and if the sanding urge strikes when the weather is warm I c an always go that route.   


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