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Advent Masonites with Red Glue For The Ring.

Doug G.

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Has anybody else ever encountered Masonite woofers with a kind of translucent red glue holding the ring on? A pair I bought back in 2006, or so, had it. The red glue was letting go so, when I refoamed those, I removed the rings and attached the surrounds to the rings first and then to the cone which is probably the way Advent did it when assembling the Masonites.

Another thing different from the typical Masonite woofer is that the leads, where they go through the cone, are much closer to the VC. So much so that when I replaced the damaged dust caps with ones a little bigger, the dust caps completely covered the leads so you can't see them from the front.

They are otherwise the same with the same frame, magnet, and cone.





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