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Dented tweeter on Advent/1

Brian D

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I just acquired a pair of Advent/1 speakers for free.  The tweeters are dented in (due to the metal grill pushing into them).  I've pulled the metal grill to clear the tweeters.

Two questions:

(1) Do the dents matters?

(2) How can I repair the dents?

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I have read that the New Large Advent Loudspeaker (attached pictures) used a Ferro fluid tweeter (event though it resembled the Orange Fried Egg arrangement of the Original large Advent Loudspeaker w/cutouts in the wire cage for the lead wires).  I believe all of the Black Advent tweeters were also Ferro Fluid.  If that's the case you don't want to penetrate the dome leaking any remaining 40 year old fluid.  Your best bet is to pickup a replacement on Ebay.

I have had some luck pulling out dents on various tweeters with a vacuum (you must control the vacuum pressure or the dome will like peel away) and tape (attach and lightly tug/repeat).

Lastly if the speaker sounds good with a slightly dented tweeter dome then I would use it that way.


I replaced my dented OLA tweeter just because I knew it was dented and it bothered me.

NLA Tweeter.jpg

NLA Tweeter back.jpg

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I have gotten dents mostly out of a couple of very early original Advent tweeters by using a needle and pricking the little dome and lifting the dent out and then using a cellulose-type glue to plug the hole(s) left by the needle. The cone on the later units are made of the same material so you should be able to do the same thing.

They didn't end up perfect because the cone material is pretty stiff but they are at least convex again instead of concave.


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