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Audio Research AR4X MKIII


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So I got 2 free speakers from a friend that his step dad dropped off in his garage.

Audio Research AR4X MKIII 4way speaks made June 1985.

Now before you ready any further with all the details below, are they at all worth a nickel to restore and enjoy?


List price on 1985 was $339.50 CND.

4 Speakers

12” Poly Woofer

5” Mid Range

1” Dome Tweeter

3 1/2” Piezo Electric Horn Tweeter


Range Frequency: 30-22,000Hz

Cross Over Frequency: 2000 & 5000Hz

Crossover Network: RLC With Mid Range & Tweeter Level Controls

Impedance: 8 Omz

Max Power Input: 100Watts RMS

System: Tuned Bass Reflex


Now, I was noticing a couple of issues with the sound, and opened them up the other night.


Both resistors on the 5” Mids are totally blown apart, and I was wondering what type of resistor I would need to replays the blown up ones.


-Pics can be posted on request if required


Would the 5” Mids also need to be replaced?


Tweets, Horn, and subs seem fine, has to tighten the female spades, reattach another resistor.

One of them looks like it has been repaired with a new horn and sub.


One sub has a slight rub tried to offset it with different tightening points on the frame which cleared it up mostly.


I have been unable to find any info on these speaker on line, they are canadain made, rather assembled in Toronto Ontario.


Any help at all would be great.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

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