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Paradigm 7se's

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I found these at a local flea market/antique mall last week while looking at some vinyl. They were sitting in between a set of 1st gen Bose 501's and some Boston 3-ways and various other pieces of vintage audio gear. I absolutely did not need more speakers, but stumbling on a wall of affordable, vintage gear is a rare thing around here, so why not. They were priced pretty cheaply and were immaculate other that needing a surround re-glued and a good cleaning. I never had much experience with Paradigm speakers, other than a friend who had a pair in college, but based on the few days I've spent listening to these, I'm thoroughly impressed. Very nice, neutral sound, tight lows, smooth highs, great build quality, poly film caps, vifa tweeters... IMG_20161006_180403837.jpgIMG_20161006_172252794.jpg

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