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E-V Seven: clone of AR-4?

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Despite having grown up smack dab in between the factories of Electro-Voice (Buchanan, MI) and Crown (Elkhart, IN), as a teenager I was drawn toward audio gear made in Massachusetts - - in particular, AR-4x speakers (Cambridge) and a Scott 222-D integrated tube amplifier (Maynard), both of which I still own. The popular Crown electronics of that time were far beyond my budget, and I knew nothing at all about the EV speaker product line. Lately, however, I've had a growing interest in owning a modest Crown amp, and just recently this interesting EV speaker model has come to my attention.   
Although Electro-Voice is not a New England company and therefore somewhat outside the scope of this forum, I was surprised to see the strong similarities between this speaker, the E-V Seven, and the AR-4. I believe its earliest production might date from 1965, which would put it squarely on the heels of the AR-4 (1964), and several of the physical attributes bear such a striking resemblance that it is difficult not to think of the phrase: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."
The cabinets are exactly the same dimensions and have the de rigeur walnut veneer, but the grille appearance is rather distinctive and quite attractive with the black reveal around the perimeter of the cane weave (one thin, one wide). Not unlike AR's visual appeal, this was a very "modern" aesthetic, targeted toward the upwardly mobile class. Other EV models of that period also had cane grilles, so this was not uncommon, and it seems the E-V Seven came with two different badges during its run.
The crossovers are indeed different, but both the woofers and tweeters of these two models appear to be close cousins of each other, despite the added pressed cardboard gaskets. The EV woofers seem to have the same flat basket with flared screw holes, treated cloth surround, and slug alnico magnet as the AR-4 woofers, albeit with a flat felt dust cap. The tweeter has a square rather than round magnet, but otherwise appears identical to the AR-4 cone tweeter once its wire mesh and felt damping are removed.
Am just posting this to see if anyone knows about this EV speaker model, and am also curious if it ever showed up in any of the Consumer Reports reviews for compact speakers of the mid-to late 60's.

EV-7 cabinets.jpg

EV-7 grilles.jpg

EV-7 tweeter.jpg

EV-7 woofer 2.jpg

EV-7 drivers, crossover.jpg

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