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Adcom GFA5500 x 2 plus GFP 565


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I am unloading my Adcom amps.  2 GFA5500's along with the very nice accompanying preamp GFP-565.

I purchased these in the past 2 years to use with my AR3's, 9's and other larger current demanding speakers.  They have been great and I have no complaints.  They handled those speakers easily. Been using them in a passive vertical bi-amp configuration with the 9's and ADS L1590's.

One of the amps has the original box.  Both are cosmetically great with one having a dinged top right corner (more like a chip) that is frankly easy to ignore.

The preamp is often considered one of Adcoms best ever and is a great match with the amps.  I have the manual for it.  The phono section is highly regarded and does sounds nice with my Denon DP62L turntable running through it.  It is probably ready for a little deoxit on the volume control as I occasionally get a little scratch when adjusting it.  Just have not got round to it.

As far as pricing, individually I would like to get $400 for each amp.  If you purchase both it would be $750.  The pre is $225 on it's own or $200 if purchased with the amps.  $900 if you go with all 3.  All is plus shipping of course.

I don't mind shipping and I have great shipping pricing (probably half of what you get) via UPS.  I would add a few bucks for any shipping material I might need.


Let me know and I can fill you in with any other details and photos.

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