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JFD ALC-2 "Mardi Gras" any info?

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I recently obtained a JFD ALC-2.  Does anyone know anything about this speaker?  I found very little on the internet, other than a review from 1959.  The review stated that "The two bantam-size speakers (The other is a Realistic Solo), by example, provide a workable definition of minimum hifi."  From the brief time I had it up and running, I concur.  It sounds like a nice speaker in a box.  It has pretty decent bass response when stuck in a corner.

It will handle 10-15 watts continuous, 24-40 watts peak.  Magnet weight = 0.5 lb. 

Total flux: 15,000 maxwells.  Flux density: 5,000 gauss.  (I don't know what this means.) 

16 Ω, with 4 Ω, and 8 Ω taps.  Price:  $30.00 in 1959.





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