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Large Advent 2 vs. Large Advent?


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Not an Advent guru, but I think what you are referring to as your "Large Advent" is what was known as "The Advent Loudspeaker" sold in walnut veneers and with the beveled front fascia/edge, and in cheaper, plain-jane dark brown vinyl "utility cabinets". You will also see these on the boards as "OLAs" - for Original Large Advents.

The whole "larger" moniker came from "us" because Advent subsequently introduced what they called their "The Smaller Advent Loudspeaker" - a slightly smaller version with similar sonic characteristics to the original larger Advent Loudspeaker. It is readily identifiable by the large "spitwad" dust cap in the smaller woofer it uses. So we now had "The Advent Loudspeaker" and "The Smaller Advent Loudspeaker".  I won't even open the can 'o worms of bullnose and bevels....

I am guessing your "Large Advent 2" would be in reference to the various follow-on iterations of "The Advent Loudspeaker" - seen in boards with various references such as "NLA" for New Large Advent, and also with numeric labels like 5002/5012, etc. There are differences inwoofers used, tweeters used, etc.

If you google on identifying Advents, you will find a lengthy illustrated thread at Audiokarma covering the Advent family tree.

As for values of any "OLA", "NLA", 5012,The Smaller Advent, etc.; without an industry BlueBook of accepted values, you have to decide what you want to spend.

Suggest watching the various for-sale boards and see what they sell for. Check evilbay and look for completed transactions that actually list the sold price, and be sure to get a sense for the shipping that had to be added. Be wary that someone is always posting a "scroe" of anywhere from free to the sky is the limit, so don't let that cloud your judgement.

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You may have seen this already but:


I'm guessing you have a pair lined up. You should be able to identify the pair from the photos in the link above.
Hopefully, the seller will let you see the speaker with the grill off or he/she will take a picture. Everyone has a cellphone.
If you are not a member of audiokarma, it's painless to join.

Never heard of the Large Advent 2.
So in your case, it would be best to get a positive ID.

Good luck!




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