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AR-4X & Boston Acoustics A-60 Cabinets, EV Interface 3 Speaker


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We are working very hard to clear out speakers, cabinets, components that we have not used, they are taking up valuable real estate in the basement. Once we clear out the space, we will have enough room to create a medium sized audio room.

AR-4X Cabinets: $40 post-101619-0-55536600-1449353046_thumb.post-101619-0-62575300-1449353055_thumb.post-101619-0-95929700-1449353037_thumb.

Boston Acoustics A-60 Cabinets, very clean pair: $30 post-101619-0-68925200-1449353406_thumb.post-101619-0-32169100-1449353400_thumb.

Electro Voice Interface 3, Series 2 Speaker (single speaker, not a pair): $60 post-101619-0-79437400-1449353676_thumb.post-101619-0-32154500-1449353669_thumb.post-101619-0-15240400-1449353660_thumb.post-101619-0-27034500-1449353655_thumb.

I much prefer local pickup, Ann Arbor 48103, though I can probably arrange to ship the empty cabinets, but would want to have the EV professionally packaged and shipped. Actual UPS rates from 48103, plus possible cost of boxes if I don't have any sitting around that would fit.

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