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The Fisher Speakers

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I recently was able to purchase a pair of wonderful condition The Fisher XP-1 speakers. When they came up on local CList I was apprehensive because of what we mostly know and see regarding Fisher products other than the earliest electronics of the Avery Fisher era. Of course even less is known of The Fisher speakers from those early years when Fisher teamed up with William Hecht and his United Speaker Systems. As many of us know, something branded as "The Fisher" is a bit different than just "Fisher". With a little research I knew I had to check these out. Heck! These were the first The Fisher speakers the company made (1959/60) and are kinda rare. These are in very good condition with all parts, badges etc in tact including the crazy cool grilles that were only used on this first version of the XP-1.


Of course I didn't stop at the XP-1. As I dug up more and more info on the early XP line of speakers it appeared to me there are some sleepers worth keeping an eye out for. So, the other day knowing I was driving over to Tri-Cities Washington for business, I started watching the CList postings for the area. Monday, a pair of XP-10's were listed! The XP-10's were TOTL between 1964-1968 and are still highly regarded among the few and proud The Fisher enthusiasts. I jumped on them, set up a time to meet the seller on Wednesday and came home with these last night:


All drivers are working which is a good thing. The tweeters are replacement tweeters of some sort. The original tweeter in these are the original soft dome and it seems most are no longer functional and of course can't be found new. I will investigate and see what these replacements are. A member on AK several years ago posted that he had talked to Bill Hecht above rebuilding the original tweeters and Bill said he had no replacements or molds to do so and that a newer soft dome would be better anyway.

I was bale to purchase these for $140. New in 1965 they were $249.99 each.

I will eventually get around to working on these but in general they are in very good shape and easy on the eyes in their current condition.

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