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KLH Model 20 AM


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Buddy at work has been asking me for quite a while if I wanted his grandmother's (see passed years ago) old record player. I always said no. I figured it was some old piece of junk, besides I'm trying to get rid of stuff, not get more.

Well he brought it in the other day and asked again because he was going to put it in the dumpster if I didn't want it.

Boy I was I surprised when I saw it, KLH model 20 am. In pretty good shape too. But the speakers are long gone.

I'm very familiar with this model. I had a high school buddy who's parents had it. We use to play records on it for hours and hours.

Well being a sucker for audio equipment I told him I'd take it.

The changer turns on but the automatic function doesn't work. The FM and AM sections work.

Guess I'll tear it down and see what makes it tick. I found the schematic for it but can't find the manual. If anyone knows where I find find it I'd appreciate it.

I'll keep everyone posted as to my progress rebuilding it.

I know it's not KLH's best stereo but I always liked the looks of it.

Here's a few pictures.






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