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Best height for Allison CD-6


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I've long wondered about the best height, given that the CD-7 floor-stander, at only about 27", puts the tweeter well below ear level. But a CD-6, put on a typical 24" stand puts the ear at 90 degrees to the woofer, so we're hearing output from said woofer only by reflection while we're hearing the tweeter directly. The woofer is already starting to "beam" before it reaches the 2000 Hz crossover, and it continues well beyond that point given the 6 dB per octave rolloff of the simple coil-and-cap crossover.

If I put the CD-6 on, say, 18" stands the tweeter will be a tad higher than on the CD-7 but at least I should be seeing and thus hearing more of the woofer directly. Before I set out to make stands at that height has anyone experimented with heights and found an optimum for this series? Thanks.

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