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Note on the auction site's "classic era" woofers


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I bought an AR-5 woofer on epay that self-destructed, voice coil/cone separation, so I stripped it down.

In addition to having the wrong surround, too-stiff -- there was some corrosion on the basket under the cone. The original dust cover showed no signs of tamper so the surround was put on without shimming the voice coil. The voice coil showed signs of rubbing and there was some rust in the gap.

You may want to replace the dried up masking tape on the magnet assembly if you have woofers out as it is the only thing preventing crud from getting into the voice coil gap. Even though the spider is porous I'm sure there is an opportunity for air and debris to be pumped through the gap if the tape is compromised.

Probably better to let RoyC locate replacement drivers than gamble on the auction site.


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