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Anyone worked on the X80 series ?


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Picked up a pair of L-980s that are esthetically challenged and am planning on restoring the cabinets and grills if possible.

Looks like the original tweeters were replaced with an unknown 4 ohm soft dome (DTW12X9T25 on rear of tweeter). The sound is off, to my ear anyway, although still impressive. The faceplate on the replacement is smaller than original and one of them was mounted far enough off center to allow air flow around the tweeter.

No changes were made to the crossover.

Not sure why I take on these projects. Guess I couldn't stand to see such a great speaker treated so poorly.






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This is going to be an extended project. Previous owner used a power sander on the veneer and burned through on some edges. Getting the remainder of the paint out of the pores of the wood is tedious at best. They may end up getting another paint job.

Not in any hurry and would love to get the original tweeters before investing lots of man hours on these.

Part#: 206-0118
To Be used for Models: L-980, and L-1590
Update: Located two more tweet. These were pulled while the other one appears to be unused in the original box. Doesn't hurt to have a spare.
Considering redoing the veneer on these using Koa 10/06/14
Update: Located grills that still have the fabric inside and screws for the tweeters. Will install tomorrow 10/19/14.
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On 1/9/2018 at 7:23 AM, Yodathedog said:

Was there ever an end to this journey?

I haven't been keeping up on the forum and noticed this old question that went unanswered. These speakers may come out of storage shortly. Looking at a black finish and probably finding a new owner if anyone needs a project. I have an extra NIB tweeter also.


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