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Layne Audio - Status?


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Has anyone been in touch with Layne Audio and/or Stephen Tidwell in the last few months? Or even last six months?

I've received some information that Layne may be out of business?

I really hope this is not the case, for a variety of reasons. One of which includes the fact that Layne has a pair of AR-3's my dad had signed by Edgar Villchur.

I've tried emailing all of Layne's email addresses without any response.

If Layne is indeed out of business, I'll need to fix the repair section of this website. Does anyone know if it's possible to get in touch with Stephen via another method?



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I originally ordered all the parts for Richard to redo the crossovers on my AR-11s from Layne. That was back in the middle of May. I talked with Steve twice after that to see what the status of the order was. Long about the middle of August or the beginning of September we got tired of waiting for the parts so I ended up leaving a message on the answering machine the one time it finally rolled over to that to cancel the order and then follwed it up with an email. Never got a phone call or an email acknowledgement of either message. The two times I did get through to talk to Steve about the order I had to use a private cell phone number that he had given me. I'll check to see if I still have that number in my desk at work and will pass it on for you to try to get in touch with him. Was very disappointed in waiting over 90 days to just get some caps and a wiring kit after the recommendations to contact Layne as a source for parts.

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