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Allison One - listed for sale


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I listed my Allison One speakers on Audiogon, where I hope it gets more exposure than it would here. (And audiogon doesn't take such a big cut of sales as does eBay.) Fully functional, in very good condition - conservatively rated 7/10. Two of the woofers are originals but recently rebuilt with new foam; the other two are "Kentucky Allison" woofers, whose edges are fragile, but still intact. Grills are in near perfect condition, and the other drivers appear fine. I'm listening to these speakers right now (Pandora, running off an Integra DTR-40.2).

Unfortunately, given its size and weight (67 pounds each) and the lack of proper shipping cartons, they'll have to be picked up from Washington, DC. Asking $899, but will consider serious offers. I've got a half-dozen pairs of speakers here, and I just don't have the right environment to take full advantage of these towers. Some of the others - Allison CD-6 and CD-7, Celestion 100 and E 0.5, Outlaw BLS and Snell CR 0.5, all in fine condition - will be made available in due course.




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