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Too rough with 5 spot switch / A25 lost highs


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Hi had not played my dynaco A25s in a while bit with no neighbor downstairs had some fun, they sounded fine everything working normally, then I mistakenly decided switch the high selector on the back of the right speaker assuming it was at norm. Assuming wrong I exerted too much pressure on it and went past the top mark or something slipped inside that was not right and I lost the highs right away , Freaking out a little I tried desperately to get it to go back to the 5 spot lock and felt jammed , After some effort I got it to go back to the 5 locking spots but the highs never came back, no response at all . Any ideas ?


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Hi there

It is possible the switches stop is bent or broken.

Only opening up the cabinet and inspecting the switch is there a possible solution available.

A used switch is not much of a gamble in my experience.

When I didn't have an original switch I bought a 5 position MBB or make before break stepped switch and have not had a problem with it.

You may be able to buy a cheap used pair on Ebuy and if shipping is cheap go for it.

Be carefull not to buy a BBM or break before make switch, as you lose the signal each break in the contact.

Some surplus switches have adjustable adapters so that you can have 1 up to 10 positions (limit of some switches).

Do check the stop post first.

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