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List of new items on Home Page?


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Great web pages, and the discussions are very interesting.

Would it be possible to include a "latest additions" list with a date of entry, also I would think a list of existing items and file names would be great advantage on your home menu?

I often look at these pages but am unsure if there is a new item included, sometimes I download the same article as my cookies get deleted.

By the way, I use Ghostscript and Redmon to print PDF files of the discussion notes to avoid wasting paper. The details are below if anyone is interested.

RedMon - Redirection Port Monitor.

Version 1.7.

Redirect Windows 95/98 or NT printer

port to standard input of a program.

Can be used with Ghostscript to

emulate a PostScript printer

or a PDF writer.

Written by Ghostgum Software Pty Ltd.


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