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Epicure 20+


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Did a search on these in this forum and did not find anything so I thought would make a contribution. Until now I had never heard a pair of Epicures only read good things about them. I came upon this set of Epicure 20+ at a good enough price to make me want to see how a larger Epicure would compare to the AR world. These are smallish 64Lb floor standing speakers containing a "double module" as termed by EPI . There are two radiating faces each containing a module consisting of an 8" cone woofer and an Epicure inverted dome tweeter. I set them set up in the same room with AR5s . After dialing them in to my tastes I can say they are very nice full range speakers with a big sound field that AB very well against the ARs. The 20+ are about 3db more efficient than the 5s but after learning how to compensate for the efficiency difference in comparing the two it became apparent that I could live very easily with either one. The downside for me is these are made to be placed on the floor but they do sound good.

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