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Diffraction foam and gaskets for AR-11Bs


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I'm also looking for a set of tweeter diffraction foam rings and gaskets for my 11Bs. Repaired my woofers and had to destroy the original gaskets. The original diffraction rings were removed 'cause they just died a foam death.


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I read your posts. Glad to see another AR-11 fan on this forum. About the AR-11 logos in your other posting, maybe some will come up on eBay someday as (IMHO) unscrupulous sellers part out classic AR speakers in an attempt to maximize their profit by selling the parts instead of the complete speakers. Only “source” I know of for these.

I'm in the process of restoring some AR-11Bs. I feel like I’ve hit a foam-lined brick wall. Like you, I've had to remove the foam gaskets from the woofer flanges in preparation for replacing the surrounds and the tweeter diffraction foam because of “dry rot.” I've been looking around for about six months for the woofer flange foam gasket material and anything close to the diffraction ring foam. I’ve spent many hours on foam manufactures’ web sites (not retailers, the actual manufacturers) for something similar. I’m also, looking for the foam gasket material between the drivers and the cabinet. I don't want to buy replacement woofers just to have new foam pieces.

About the adhesive backed precut AR 12 INCH WOOFER flange foam gaskets. They are usually severely damaged due to “dry rot” and/or removed the first time you pull a woofer to replace the surround. Tom Tyson wrote in another thread that these are cosmetic only and have not been available for some time.

On a side note, I need the same gasket for the 8 inch AR-9 lower midrange. The flange gasket I just removed literally turned to dust.

One easy solution to the woofer foam gasket is to paint the flange black. Consistent with some versions of the AR 12 inch woofers and the flange would blend in nicely with the black driver area of the AR-11. You may prefer this to the rotten foam look or the unpainted silver flange.

I haven’t found anyone who sells precut adhesive backed foam diffraction rings for AR-11 tweeters (with or without the white circle). Anyone know of an AR Part Number / source for just the adhesive backed foam diffraction ring?

I've found a lot of different foams and other materials for car audio applications, for inside speaker boxes, and for listening room treatments, but nothing that looks like the tweeter diffraction ring material. The closest thing I’ve been able to find so far that is precut is an adhesive backed, black felt diffraction ring sold by Madisound. http://www.madisound.com . However, the inner diameter (ID) hole is a bit wider than I want and the outer diameter (OD) of the ring is not wide enough. I need to cover the tweeter lead wire connectors with the diffraction ring. I thought about buying a foot or two sheet of the same material from Madisound and cutting my own felt diffraction rings and woofer flange gaskets. What I like about using felt is eliminating the foam rot problem permanently.

I’m also considering getting a sample of Cascade Audio Engineering (CAE) VB-5 gasketing foam available from Parts Express http://www.partsexpress.com and try making tweeter diffraction rings and woofer gaskets out of it. Alternately, Madisound has a ½” by 1/8” foam adhesive tape (for woofer / midrange flange gasket) that might be easier to work with and cost less.

Anyone have any experience with either of these products?

For the gasket between the drivers and the cabinets the originals should still work for me, although compressed they are still in one piece,. Anyone have a source for this foam gasket material? I’m considering the foam adhesive tape from Madisound, or speaker sealing caulk from Parts Express if the originals don’t work. Anyone used either of this or something similar?

Hope this helps you Photoguy.

Sorry I can’t provide a source for original foam parts. Maybe someone who reads this can. Let us know if you find something that works and especially if you find a source for original AR foam pieces.

Rich Laski

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