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original ar 3 12 inch woofer


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I have one original alnico magnet woofer for sale with cloth surround and rubber damper ring around dust cap. The speaker is like new with great cone, excellent cloth suspension still black from ar;s treating. Will mail with speaker mtg to a 3/4 plywood board covered with foam to protec cone further; with screws in all 6 screw holes holding speaker tight to board. Back of speaker will be wraped in many layers of plastic. I have the original box with the cardboard mtg with hole in it to hold speaker in place, very thick cardboard square insert to go on top of mtg hole insert, thick carboard on top of that and then 2 foam pieces to keep everything nice and snug. Box weights 2 lbs alone. Very well designed by ar. It is still in super nice condition

Price 75.00 plus 20.00 shipping in conus. email annie175@live.com or call 507-734-6601

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