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AR X-07 reciever


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Does anybody have info on this reciever.Is it worth $100.Was it a really good one or was it one of the worsed ones.I tried a search but didn't find anything on this model.Anything anyone can tell me would be great.Thanks

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In 1986, AR introduced a line of stereo components in the US: the A-06 and A-04 integrated amplifiers, the X-10, X-06, and X-04 receivers, and the CD-04 CD player. I have never heard of an X-07 receiver. There was also a power amp (P-10) and pre-amp (C-06). I do not recall any of these units being tested by any of the magazines, nor did I ever see them in person or know anyone who used them.

The receivers were rated 100, 60, and 40 continuous watts at 8 ohms, and were rated at DIN Power 1% THD (no freq range specified, although the P-10 was DIN rated at 1% THD @ 1kHz) at 4 ohms, 180, 100, 70 watts.

Further, they were rated for "Music" power at 4 ohms, 300, 200, 100 watts.

But the only 20-20k continuous rating with a THD spec was for 8 ohm operation.

I think they came and went very quickly. Judging from the lit, it was probably pretty decent stuff, perhaps roughly equivalent to Yamaha-level gear of the time. It was most likely re-badged vendor-supplied equipment, perhaps with a custom-tooled cosmetic front panel, which had a nice slope to it. But I don't believe AR had any in-house electronic designers at that time, so this line was probably vendor-designed.

"We need some electronics. Whattya got?"

"This stuff. No one else in your market is using it."

"OK, but can we re-design the looks and do a custom front panel?"

"Sure, but that'll add 16 weeks to delivery and the tooling will cost you $30,000."

"Can we give you $15k up front and amortize the balance into the first 3000 pieces of production?"

"OK, deal, but you have to take a minimum of 2000 units per year, for three years, or else you pay for any unabsorbed amortization."

That's the way it works in this business.

Steve F.

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I suspect the X-07 was a replacement for the X-06, or possibly the same unit in a different market. I saw one up for auction a few years ago and it had the same specs as the X-06 and looked pretty much the same except that its front panel was squared-off vertical instead of angled.

Here's a link to an AudioKarma thread that has some pics: http://audiokarma.or...ad.php?t=442997

I also do not recall ever seeing any of the audio publications of the period doing any reviews.

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Thanks guys,thats helpful to me.I may pick it up but I'm not sure yet.I don't really need another reciever but I thought it may be some what collectable.It doesn't seem to be a collector item but it does seem to be a pretty good reciever.Thanks again.

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