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Ar 91 our Allison 1989 130


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I going to throw this out for all. I can get a pair of AR 91s for 375.00 plus shipping our a pair of Allison 1989 130 vary clean no shipping for 375.00 our go for both.

how about it the 91s would be good with my 58s and 9s for a round system but the allsions I don't see vary much at all.


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I noticed that you didn't have any replies, so I thought I'd drop a reply in here.

I have no clue what you ought to do.

I will tell you that the AR92's I have are, well, pretty unspiffy-sounding.

Don't get me wrong - there are "bits and pieces" of their sound that I like, but on-the-whole I think I'd enjoy a pair of 2ax's more. The 92s have 10-inch woofers; inexpensive-looking and sounding 10" woofers. Couple that with the lack of 8" low midrange and the cousin 9's design just really isn't apparent in them at all.

So I can say that the 92s are "nice" but not anything really special. Would the 91s be appreciably different? Can't say.

I'm not familiar with the Allisons so, see, I really can't be any help at all.


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