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Dynaco A-25 Cabinet Refinishing


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Wondered if anyone has done a cabinet refinish on their A-25s lately? I have a set from the 70s, recapped, new tweeters and redid the grills. Now it's time for the cabinets. They look like they are teak veneer, or maybe stained walnut veneer? Anyway, I'll strip the old stuff off and do the sanding. Was wondering if anyone has some recent examples of the kind of stain/sealer they used. Standard minwax walnut maybe?

Any experiences would be appreicated


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Hi there

Before you do anything it would be prudent to read the AR section.

Sanding super thin veneer can be disasterous.

There is oil finished AR speakers and their re-finishing techniques and finishes are identical.

Do a global search for the original Acoustic Research speaker cabinet re-finishing sheet I posted on CSP.

There was oiled walnut, lacquer, etc.

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