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Can anyone suggest a good pre amp for a budget price ?

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Hi i'm using dynaco A25s and a rotel bx980 amp , my pre amp is just a harmon kardon 730 receiver that im using as a pre amp, It sounds nice but i also curious to hear what it might be like to upgrade the most likely weakest point of my system. I thought nothing would ever replace it but now that i have both stock pair and rehabbed pair of dynaco's i'm curious to hear them on better pre amp. Not looking to spend more then $250 bucks. Any suggestions ?

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Parasound PHP-850's are almost impossible to beat in this price range, especially if you want a phono stage and defeatable tone controls. I copied some of their features from the Parasound website.

100% pure Class A

• J-FET input stage

• Best Analog Devices parts

• CMOS solid-state switching

• Buffered outputs

• IEC removable AC cord

• Function LEDs

• Gold-plated jacks

• FR 4 glass circuit boards

• 19,000

mF filter bank

• Film bypass caps

• Gold series capacitors

• Precision volume control

• Headphone output

• Direct coupled output

• Defeatable tone controls

• Turn on/off mute circuit

• Accurate RlAA for phono

• Silver clad copper wiring

• Low distortion design

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