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The Warfedale are alive.

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Finished with the XO upgrade and installed the new woofers. I understand the new cap's need to be burned in, and of course the new woofers need to break in but over all I am very pleased with the results being a acoustic suspended speaker with 8 inch woofers you can't really expect move the foundation, minor earth quake bass. But when these speakers where designed there wasn't any in the recording of the time. For orchestrated music the W-35's are great, As an example is the music of The Tallis Scholars who sing the music of Thomas Tallis, Byrd, Palestrina, etc in context meaning they sing this music where ever possible in the original building where it was first performed in 16th century. . The W-35's are in their own with sort of music. Play orchestral Heavy Metal, (example Nightwish) and they are like and old nasty music critic, who, after he takes a sip of a vintage red wine, looks down his nose at you and asks nastily what is this crap you are trying to foist off on me. But that is why I originally purchased the Polk Monitor 10B's for, no only do they look upon classical music like manna from heaven, they can take modern popular music genera and move the earth if called for. The 10B are next the parts to upgrade the XO are on their way, it is going to be fascinating to see how they sound. .

Update: I have learned how to use yet another feature on the Onkyo called intellivolume, a way of leveling input between plug in devices, CD, Bluray players. As you might expect it was turned to the minimum level on all inputs, I turned things up and the Warfedales came to life forget the nasty music critic above..

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