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50% off sale on Axon film XO cap's at Parts ConnXion

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I was alerted to this sale on Axon True Cap's over at the Polk Audio Forum,. These cap's are made by Solen. I checked up on them on a couple of audio forums devoted to XO's and most people thought they where better then the Solens. Polkie's tell me at least on the Monitor series using expensive cap's on the low end filter is a waste of money. The 10B's I have use a 34uf cap for the low pass. The replacement at Sonicap is $47.58, the Axon True Cap in $6.51. I am going to spend my money where is counts on the high pass and there I will install Sonicap Gen 1's. My order when in yesterday.


Parts ConneXion is an interesting outfit they they are up in Canada,and are not automated so when you send in an order it is read by Stephanie then she returns your note with an expanation of shipping charges, Your account is not charged until you confirm the order. The consensous is it is best to call their toll free number and talk to Stephanie directly. The personal touch you get with this outfit is refreshing. the person who turned me on to this outfit got his last order of cap's in 3 days.

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