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Lst's 90 degrees tilted?


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I'm planning to use 2 pairs of beautiful LST's speakers (1 pair original black, the other pair walnut) in a home cinemasystem with an Optima hd-beamer and a powerful Denon 7.1 receiver.

To get the maximum out of the beamer there is only space for the front speakers tilted 90 degrees!!

Is there anybody who uses LST's in this way; if not, what can i expect soundwise??

Greetings from The Netherlands!

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You can expect the horizontal dispersion to be hampered, but vertical dispersion improved. The horizontal dispersion should be equal to the AR3a if your LST's are mounted 90 degrees from "normal."

What do you plan to use for surround and center channel speakers? I use LST2's for my surround speakers, AR3a's for rear surrounds. The front speakers are a pair of Infinity Quantum III's with AR3 woofers in them. I don't use a center speaker. A Hafler DH500 drives the rear AR3a's, while a Pioneer receiver powers the front and surround speakers.

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