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AR 90s in Craigs list


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I got the info on the like new 90s on craigs list. The woofers have been replaced with new ar ones a year ago and work fine.

He said the lower midrange had good foam yet and he pressed in on them and they just poped back out so they should be good for awhile. Tweeters good and one upper mid range has a pressed in dimple on it the other is fine.

while that dimple affect the sound any.

He has reduced the price for me to 400.00 and I am going to look at them friday. It is about 200 miles and will cost me about 80 bucks for gas and 98.00 for a new upper mid range speaker from the ar place on ebay.

He said to help me cover the gas and midrange he credited me 200.00 on price.

I am excited to get these.

Let me know what you think about the upper midrange, will it sound ok or would you plan on getting a new one. Thanks for any info in advance,.

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