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Wharfedale W-35 1972 - 2012 Via Con Dios, for now.

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Well it would seem I have more then just a cap' job to do on the W-35's. I hooked up an old Klipsch powered sub-woofer I set the Onkyo's controls to send everything 150hz down to it. I did this to protect the 8 inch woofers on the W-35's. It wasn't enough. I lunched the woofer on the right channel W-35. It started to rattle, I instantly muted things but the protective circuitry for the right channel fired shutting that channel down the Onkyo is superb. I was listening to Mars Laser's The Music of Olympic National Park, track 3 Eagle Flight. Glorious sound but I was asking to much of a pair of 40 year old speakers,

I am wondering if I should change out the woofers on the W35's,What 8 inch woofer would you suggest I purchase, or should I just rebuild the what I have? I used to have a pair of AR-7's great speakers they had a very nice 8 inch woofer that I always thought sounded better then the Wharfedale's a replacement for the AR-7's woofer is available from AB Tech Services. I know one thing if I do repair the W-35 they will be fused. I just checked on eBay and W35's are priced well above $200 dollars a pair so I suppose that means what I have is worth fixing

As you all may know I have a pair of Polk Monitor 10B's which I have to refurbish the crossovers on, I am going to order the replacement Cap's and resistors next week, Sonicap Gen I and Miller resistors. The 10B's can handle twice the power the Onkyo TX-NR709 can put out. In fact the 10B's replaced the W35's back in 1989. With half the power I now have the 10B's could move my house on it's foundation.

P.S. Did a fast check and the Woofer is fried, and I thought I was being so careful. I was playing only orchestral music that does not have ruinous bass, plus I had the sub-woofer taking what there was away, well I suppose 40 years old has something to do with it.

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