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A pair of 110C's were recently retored with original tweeters and refoamed original woofers (replaced RS woofers) and a new 10 uF Dayton cap.

The 1-2 kHz crossover area did not meaure well with the RS woofers. I managed to get a pair of original woofers which only needed refoaming. Boston Acoustics filleted foams were used. I measured the box Fc which was a surprising 48 hz. I knew the end result with the correct woofers and new cap would be quite pleasing. When I took an on axis response measurement I was very pretty shocked at how flat it was from 60 hz (near field woofer) out to 18 kHz, considering the woofer was running full range and only a single cap on the tweeter (see below). Also note the polars taken on axis, 30 deg and 45 deg. Very good performance for Winslow Burhoe's novel concave tweeter design. When the owner came to pick them up I played "The Window" by David Elias from 'The Window' CD. He was flabergasted at how great they sounded.

Also note the original 10 uF cap measurement. It didn't get to 10 uF until about 70 hz and below freq. (far right column) Above that, it measured < 10 uF. ESR was also high (see column marked "real").




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