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Not Exactly New England, But I'm Desperate!


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I am in need of a tweeter diaphragm (or repair if someone can do it) for an old Isophon tweeter, KK8

Would prefer an known good recommendation from one of you guys, not a shot in the dark

It was common at one time in a lot of models and makes

This one is from a pair of Monitor Audio MA5s

It has a dead short in the windings; the way it is constructed I can't even attempt to repair

The former and windings sit inside a little metal ridge which fits inside the motor gap

The dome is plastic and is thouroughly glued/fatsened to the frame of the diaphragm

I am open to any reasonable solution or replacement that will function to get it up and working

It is a 1" coil

It is an 8 ohm driver and the "good" one measures around 7 ohms or so

Any suggestions would be well received

I have already contacted Bill LeGall and Bob Crites; no go

Thank you much!


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