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Capacitors for the W35's Crossovers

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I have decided to use Dayton capacitors to recap the W35's it seems like you get the best bang for the buck with them

If there something as good or better for about the same price I would like to hear about it. I have looked over several places to purchase them from if there any suggestions here as well I would appreciate it. My usual sources for such parts does not carry this line of Dayton Cap's, Dayton is better known for their excellent line of motor capacitors.

Here is the parts list:

2 each 4 µ farad 250V 1%

2 each 8.2 µ farad 250V 1%

2 each 12 µ farad 250V 1%

Once I get done with the innards I am going to turn my attention to the cabinets. I need to repair some of the front edge veneer, and refinish the wood, my finish of choice is tung oil. Tung oil is non-toxic and puts down a beautiful satin finish it can be completely clear so it does not altar is the color of the wood. Tung oil is a hand rubbed finish it is very easy to apply, and doesn't smell bad either. It has been used to finish wood in China and Japan for centuries. Below is a source for pure tung oil, and veneers, from my bookmarks,

Tung Oil: http://www.realmilkpaint.com/oil.html

Wood Veneers: http://woodworker.co...CFeUEQAodLGmMZQ



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