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Advent Heritage x-over rebuild


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After Dynamatting the woofer baskets and sealing all drivers to the cabinet with Mortite, it was time to go to take the next step, re-cap the crossovers. I had also planned to do a little "re-engineering" while I was in there.

As you can see, the orig x-over had typical low-budget components. Trying to keep costs to a minimum, I decided to re-use the factory inductors. I removed the factory tweeter protection fuse and relocated the components to make room for the hefty Clarity Caps I planned to use. I also replaced the sand cast resistor with a Mundorf MOX resistor and rewired the drivers with some 16 ga Monster Cable, discarding the painfully thin factory cable.

The result? The speaker sounds tighter, more accurate and more refined (in a good way). The biggest difference was in the amazing amount of detail and micro-dynamics that I can now hear as well as a much improved soundstage. These speakers now sound as good as they look. For $60.00 in parts and a few hours labor, the payback was dramatic and immediate. I can only imagine how nice these will sound once the caps burn in !



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