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Speaker stands - for sale (maybe)


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I just wanted to see if there would be any interest in some reproduction stands I may build. I am going to put some together for my AR3a's that will be as close to original as I can scale from internet pics. Anyway, since I'm already doing one pair, might as well do a few more. Keep in mind, I do high quality work - these will be made of walnut and use mortise and tenon joinery. I could either leave them unfinished for you to complete or finish them with oil myself (for a little higher price of course). What would a good pricepoint be?

By the way, here's a couple examples of stuff I have done in the past:


Thorens base


speakers and stands with outboard crossovers


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I have a good pair of stands for my AR3 & AR3a speakers. So these would be an experiment of sorts. I guess I might go up to $150.00 for a pair.

10 pair at $150.00 per pair is $1500. Is that enough? You have to decide.

Most members on this forum probably have stands and are happy with them. As I am. So I'm guessing that $150.00 per pair is probably the most you can get here. And even that might be tough.

If you go the Ebay route, that will open up to a world market.

The only thing that might hinder sales on Ebay is that they are not original AR equipment.

I really don't care about "original" but a lot of folks that are into collecting get pretty nutty about this stuff.

This is just my personal opinion.

I admire your ambition & skills.

Good luck!!!

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