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AR 3-a project


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Hello all;

Troppo here;

My 2-ax project last fall turned out just fine. After a complete rebuild the 1972 era speakers are like new. I gave myself an "A" on the cosmetic side. The black water ring on one of the cabinets is gone! (I'm not even sure which speaker had the stain). The two crushed corners are rebuilt and are barely noticeable, especially with the scribed-in mitre cuts.

On the sound side I get an "A minus", one of the pots still cracks and act up. I'll live with it.

The folks who keep this site together certainly have my thanks. Also guys like Kent, Carl, Dynaco Dan, and the Vintage AR guy, and the Guys who put the AR-3a rebuild guide together, well. . . thanks to all. It's a lot of fun.

Now onto my new project, my Opus, I wanted to rebuild/restore a pair of 3a's. I found a pair, #59526 and #59534 and they are in rough shape. The grills fell right off so I know that someone has been in there doing something. The re-foamed woofs were done so poorly that I've sent them out to see if there might be any other unseen damage. The tweets are front wired in a way that I have not seen before and on the inside the large block caps are not there. There are two silver metal tube like (I guess) caps. The drivers have gaskets instead of the seal caulk. Each cabinet has an absolutly crushed corner and one of the cabinets has a golf ball size black burn mark. Also, somewhere along the line some dimwit covered both cabinet tops with some kind of liquid plastic. The wood grain overall is lovely walnut.

So, here goes. You'll probably be hearing from me.


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Hi Troppo,

I just finished restoring a set of 3a's.

It was a fun project but wouldn't of been possible with out the help of the guys you mentioned. Great guys!!! :)

Sounds like your's are in much worst shape than mine were.

Looking forward to watch your project move forward.

I guarantee you'll love them when your done.....I absolutely love mine.


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