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Rehabbed dynaco's results


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After taking my pair of A25's in for a driver that was shorting out then totally went out he fixed the driver , he then talking me into rehabbing them. So i brought other channel in, he rehabbed them i took them home and one channels treble select switch on back had no effect. I took them back in he fixed the select switch took them home and tested using on channel and swapping out speaker. I found one side to be a bit short in bass and mids exp on drum rolls and very deep mids. I took them back yet again this time waiting almost 2 weeks. He finally told me nothing was wrong with them, So i pused the issue and he admitted one side is short 3dbs in the lower mids and upper bass. but said nothing in the crossover is causing the problem, and stated it could be a number of things then finally admitted it most likely the driver. Though i am a bit bummed out he has done other work for me with excellent results above and beyond what i expected, But this time he simply said sorry, i thought they were mint it's very subtle but its not in the crossover and there was nothing he could do about it. So now im left with a pair of dynacos that are 3dbs short in one side only for upper bass and lower mids. the good side sounds so fantastic making it even more of a bummer, he suggested placing one of the speakers closer to corner to compensate but that's just not how i like to solve sound issues. If anyone is in the chicago area let me know, I'm willing to trade a shot pair of AR2ax speakers for a nice pair of dynaco A25s, or for helping me fix mine.

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