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Bringing a pair of Ar-2ax back to life


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I also recently acquired a nice pair of 2ax's. Both woofers needed new foam, but since I had a pair of cloth surround woofers from and older and visually less desirable pair of 2ax's, I thought I would drop those in. To my surprise, my new ax's had different size woofer cutouts, so I couldn't do that.

Since my son had a pair of woofers from a 48b that were freshly refoamed, I decided to install those (with a homemade adapter ring for the larger opening).

Will I need to make any crossover modifications? There seems to be stronger (though not unpleasant) midrange output with the stiffer woofer. Also, I have bypassed the pots (soldered the yellow wiper wire to the max output terminal), and installed polyfill.

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