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Dynaco A25 Speaker Grill Removal Help


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Hello Everyone,

I Have A Really Nice Set Of A25 Dynaco Speakers That I Need To Replace A

Capacitor In ( I Think). The Speaker Would Buzz And Make A Scratchy Sound

For A Second After I Turned It Off. Now The Speaker Is Dead And I Have Heard

That The "Cap" Might Be The Culprit. I Don't Know How To Get The Grill Off

Without Ruining It. If Anyone Here Has A Plan Of Attack I Would Love To Hear It.

Any Thought On What Capacitor I Should Use Would Also Be Welcomed.

I Got These A25"s From An Old Guy About 10 Years Ago And They Look

Like Brand New. Any Ideas Would Be Greatly Appreciated, Thanks In Advance.

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Hi Timmer

After my being away for so long I have just read your question a few minutes ago.

Sorry i do not have good news for you.

First you will need to unscrew the Dynaco logo.

Turn it CCW and it will come out.

Using something like a steel putty knife near a grille cloth corner, insert the edge between the

cloth/frame and gently pry the frame outwards.

Be gentle as they are glued to the front baffle board and you may groove it into the veneer if you are to rough.

You may need to try this at each corner.

The woofer usually has 6 wood screw which you will need to remove.

Be very careful as the driver magnets are very strong and a tool can slip, quickly;

Carefully lay the cabinet on it's back and gently pry out the woofer and lay the woofer, face up on the baffle board.

With a very low level piece of music run the system.

You should now hear a low level buzzing, I believe that the voice coil wire is rubbing.

This is not a capacitor issue, but a damaged woofer, I believe.

If so, I would suggest a used woofer be bought.

I will not be back here for at least a few weeks if you are still in need of advice.

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an easier way to pry off the grill is this: use a small drywall screw and screw it into the grill cloth in one corner of the grill. When it hits the wood below the grill turn a little more with the screwdriver and it will raise the grill up. Do this on all the parts where the grill is glued on and it will be off. If you use a small enough screw the cloth can be covered up over the hole and will never be seen. After you get the woofer off you will need to put some putty or clay like material under the woofer to seal up the woofer to the cabinet. If there is a foam gasket you will have to decide if it is too compressed to seal again or not.

Use velcro on the grill so it can be taken off easy next time.

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