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I have a pair of original large advents walnut made in dec of 1969 that have been my main speakers since then and in perfect condition. The woofers are the ones with the masonite surround and the foam surrounds were replace by simply speakers a few years ago. The grills are nice and clean with no problems. They still have the window screen in the tweeter holes as they came without the metal mesh on the tweeters. Luckly I was able to get the mesh screens glued on the tweeter later in 1970 from advent. The tweeters have no pushed in cones and are perfect. The cabinets are flawless and have been waxed on ocasion so the wood looks nice and new. They have no issues that I can tell and the tweeter switch still works like new. They are like new. The color of the tweeters is still a nice bright red indicating the were never run hot and damaged the voice coils. If you see really dark red on the tweeters they are one time got very hot.

I would like 100.00 for them plus postage and you would be the owner of the very first walnut large advents in mint condidion.

I finally bit the bullet and got a very expensive fully restored pair of ar 3a,s to replace the advents.

email me at annie175@live.com if interested or call 507 734 6601 to talk to me.


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