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AR9 Refoaming

AR9 Iceland

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Just got my first AR9 and thought to myself that it would be time to join this network of speaker maniacs. I currently have owned a pair of Ar8bx for a couple of months now that i got for 10$ and refoamed, but didn't fit quiet perfectly on them. Thats where you come in. I want something topnotch for the nine pair because of the condition of their cabinet, i thought to myself that the refoaming should be done as perfect as possible.

And when i talk about the cabinets being in good condition i mean that they don't even have a scratch on them!! wich is unbeliveble.

The past and first owner had them in storage for nearly 20 years but ocationaly cleaned them up and used some sort of oil to protect the wood. They are just breathtaking but the age was not kind to the foam.

So if any one here that has a good expirience with the AR9 refoaming you could help me by pointing me in the right direction og a good foam. :D

(He also gave me a kenwood 7090 series Amp and disc player.)

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