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FS: restored 1969 KLH Model 5 speakers


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For sale are a great pair of KLH Model 5 speakers lovingly rebuilt a few years back. When out for a run I spotted these babies out on the curb ready for trash pickup. The cases were moldy and splitting, probably forgotten about in someones basement for 20 years, but the speaker cones were in good condition (except for a dent in one 4" woofer dome) so I couldn't help but bring them home. If you're wondering how I know they were made in 1969, the date is stamped on the crossovers.

After placing the speakers in new cases (built as near clones of the originals except for replacing weird foam/fiberglass filling stuff with polyfill), replacing the capacitors in the crossovers, and using contact cleaner on the crossover switches (seen in the rear view) they sound great!

- Dimensions: 27"x14.5"x12"

- Weight: 50 lbs each

- 8 ohm impedance

- Speaker arrangement per case: 1x 10" sub / 2x 4" mids / 1x tweeter

- closed construction with ~1lbs polyfill / cu. ft.

- 3/4" oak veneered MDF cases

- switches on the back panel for adjusting the crossover to your preferred sound

- paper cones

- clothe surrounds

- KLH badges missing

So how do they sound? Great! The sound isn't as accurate as modern audiophile quality, but I would describe them as being very musical. A pleasure to listen to. The highs are mellow and the lows are strong. These speakers aren't as efficient as modern ones so make sure your amp isn't underpowered. I've used 15W Topping, 90W Denon, 90W Hypex, and 200W Hypex amplifiers on this. The Hypex seemed to make the sound more lively. (If you're interested I'm also planning on selling my new Hypex 180ST amp after these go in case someone wants a demo.)

Worst case shipping costs in the USA for UPS Store ground from Boston (02474) to CA estimated at $140. I'm also fine with pickup, demo'ing, and best offers.





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