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KLH 31


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I bought this pair of KLH 31 for a very few money, I wanted a pair of little speakers easy to move and install in my kitchen. I'm not able to found images or technical data about it, but perhaps it's a scaled-down version of the popular model 32. Connected with my Dynaco SCA 35 ( 15 W, Telefunken tubes ) the quality of these little speakers it's incredible. Deep and firm bass, clear midbass, smooth midrange and extended and silky highs, excellent for chamber and baroque music. But the most incredible performance is the recreation of the stage, a listening window on the orchestra, deep, large and absolutely accurate. I have also many speakers, AR 2, AR 3, AR 3a, Altec Valencia, but these inexpensive and little speakers are a real quality product. Now I have the opportunity to buy a pair of KLH Six in excellent conditions, what do You think about it? Best wishes, Adriano Galvani, Rome, Italy



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