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  1. Curves are identical in the bass and midbass region, same or similar woofer , they 're absolutely comparable. Conversely, they 're very different in midrange and highrange, different loudspeakers, different crossover. As Tom Tyson said , the AR 3's tweeter " had a gently rising characteristic " , as everyone can see by the graphics , while AR 3a has a well-known gentle roll-off starting at 5 Khz . I'm not saying which one sounds better , but they 're surely different speakers, different sounding.
  2. These measurements were made in half space , absolutely comparable. They shows a well known rolloff in AR 3a's tweeter , and, opposite, a fast rising response in AR 3's tweeter .
  3. No, AR 3 sounds more transparent and sparkling, curves are very different in mid-high region.
  4. Many people knows AR 3a, and when they listen to AR 3 they says " midranges are gone ". Wrong. The real AR 3 frequency response is very different from 3a , quite opposite . Midrange is very quiet , understated , while AR 3a's midranges are very strong : however , while AR 3a's tweeter has a gentle roll-off , AR 3's tweeter has a rising response , exceptional sparkling highs never harsh, quite electrostatic . I think original Villchur 's AR are very different from AR of Teledyne era. Best wishes Adriano
  5. Thank You, Nes! Your AR-2 are very beautiful , and they're very good sounding speakers . I still use it, they have good sensitivity and are easy to drive . Excellent woofer, fast , full, clean sounding. I have also AR 3 and 3a , and sometimes I 'm thinking about a better extension on AR-2 highs, just adding a supertweeter , just like in AR-2a. Some Seas 1" soft dome probably will fit. Godd luck with Your project and enjoy it! My best wishes Adriano, Rome, Italy
  6. My mother and my father in 1959, AR-2 on the shelf. I still have it, finished on three sides, light color wood, golden thread grille. Low left, Heathkit FM 3A tuner. I 'm listening through AR speakers before my birth ( 9/1/60 ) ! Adriano
  7. Hi Frank, ciao! I 've been very busy late, two daughters graduating in law and in psychology, helping my wife in her business and my own business, that's enough to me...and sometimes I have fun times playing my eight AR speakers ! The Carver C1 is an excellent preamp, with a very good phono mm/mc inputs , very clean and neutral: I 'm so enthusiast that I m in serach of a PM 1.5 power amp, Bob Carver's machines seems very good to me . I still use my Crown Macro Tech 2402 and the QSC ISA280, but last fall I bought this little BGW 6500T Proline II from a recording Studio, they us
  8. If properly restored, AR 3 is still one of the best sounding speaker ever made, surely needs some accurate works , but their excellent bass and smooth mid-highs easily outperform many modern expensive speakers. Yours are like mine, unfinished pine, plywood, I painted it and treated with glossy lacquer. Best wishes Adriano
  9. Check the pots and change caps in crossover: here are my AR 3 after a little restoration, including new mortite. Before they sounded very dull, one midrange and tweeters were mute. Very often the problem is on nonworking pots. Best wishes Adriano VID-20190510-WA0007.mp4
  10. My musical preferences are for classical, baroque and electric '70s funk/jazz like Miles Davis " Big Fun " and my vote is for AR 3. The reason is, AR 3 is a more complete speaker than 3a, has a more linear frequency response and very sparkling and detailed highs while 3a has a noticeable roll off . AR 10 Pi is a bit " honky " to me, and later Teledyne production is too bright sounding. The AR 3 isn't a muted speaker, but You have to choose the right amplifier: weak tubes or old vintage SS amps aren't the better way to listen this marvelous sounding speaker. Recently I sugges
  11. Never seen in Italy although we were the most important market for AR outside U.S. . I remember a shy three-way , 8" woofer by Avid in mid '70s. In early '80s JBL made the L 86 with the same mid and tweeter of the L 112 and L 150 , but with an 8" woofer instead of 12" : but L 112 and L 150 made big sales while nobody cares of L 86 . In mid '70s , JBL sold in Italy more L 100 Century and 4311 than L 36 Decades . AR's and JBL's customers probably wants the best bass response their money could buy , and it seems a nonsense to have a speaker with expensive midrange and tweeter and a poor bass res
  12. When my two daughters are studying , I use a little NAD 3120 with my AR 3 , because the fan of the Macro-Tech is audible at low listening levels . The first evident difference is bass reproduction , also at low levels : with powerful amps AR's woofer seems have no limits in its excellent performance .
  13. I have no doubt HiVi tweeter improves AR 3a performances . The AR 3a tweeter has a progressive roll-off and that is the reason I prefer the more sensitive and linear AR 3's tweeter. I use a very strong power amp, 750 wpc on 4 ohms : AR speakers could easily sounds very loud , but I think they 're speakers made first of all for quality . I use the Crown because it' s very stable on difficult, low-z loads, but I don 't use the very high amount of power because of the risk of burning coils and stiffen spiders . These are hi-fi woofers, not high-efficiency , high power P.A. loudspeakers.
  14. And that is the reason why I prefer MM cartridges . You can always have a new stylus . And probably You 're right , modern designs and materials are better than older ones , but vintage gear has a fashionable way in sounding , not perfect but with a lot of personality . The only vintage gear I don' t like are solid state amps, obsolete circuitation and obsolete materials , not a real personality but very bad sounding . Adriano
  15. Yes, I know . And it should be the same for the suspension of every midrange and tweeter in old AR 3 . But the FR 1 mkII today sounded better than a new DL 103 , and my four old AR 3 sounds sparkling and alive . Probably 40 years ago they all were better sounding , but still today they gives great satisfaction.
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